Border Pilot

by M W Bourne
Copyright 2001    All rights reserved.

    At one time in my life I made my living flying crop-duster airplanes on the Texas/Mexico border.  Many years later I began to write short stories about that period of my life.  Those short stories have been stacked up in a more-or-less logical fashion and published under the title "Border Pilot".     These stories can be read directly off the net by keying each chapter in the index below.  If you would like to have a hard-back copy of "Border Pilot" it is published by "Author House" and can be purchased by keying on the link below.

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Chapter Index

Chapter 01           Night Flight
Chapter 02           Wandering in the Wilderness
Chapter 03           New Directions
Chapter 04           A Questionable Career Move
Chapter 05           Seeking Council
Chapter 06           Stealing Airplanes I
Chapter 07           The Big Bluff
Chapter 08           Flying Machine
Chapter 09           Brush Run
Chapter 10           Check List
Chapter 11           Laredo
Chapter 12           The Speckled Dog Inn
Chapter 13           450 Stearman
Chapter 14           Propellers, Motors, and Baseball Bats
Chapter 15           Claude Gets Airborne
Chapter 16           Airplane For Sale
Chapter 17           Stealing Airplanes II
Chapter 18           Sitting in the Seat
Chapter 19           The Birds and the Trees
Chapter 20           Nuts and Bolts
Chapter 21           Life Aboard a Stearman
Chapter 22           Dance of the Herbicide Indians
Chapter 23           The Rules
Chapter 24           A Great Idea to get Rich
Chapter 25           El Indio

Chapter 26           El Indio Days
Chapter 27           El Indio Trouble
Chapter 28           Rooster Tails
Chapter 29           The Story of a Dead Cow
Chapter 30           Radishes
Chapter 31           Wires
Chapter 32           Paraquat
Chapter 33           Bob Takes a Flight Check
Chapter 34           The Corpus Christi Kid
Chapter 35          Atascosa Air Strip
Chapter 36          I hire the Madman
Chapter 37          The Madman Wins
Chapter 38          The Man I Named Johnny
Chapter 39          Johnny in the Cockpit
Chapter 40          The Gray Flannel Volkswagen
Chapter 41          The Hanger at Rio Grande City
Chapter 42          How I came to own a 1971 Cadillac
Chapter 43          Drivers Education Class
Chapter 44          Life with Johnny
Chapter 45          The Kid takes Johnny to the Post Office
Chapter 46          Frio Airstrip
Chapter 47          Riding the Rail
Chapter 48          Right of North
Chapter 49          Snake Story
Chapter 50          Doubles
Chapter 51          Harvey gets a Flight Check
Chapter 52          The Mines, on the Old Mines Road
Chapter 53          Stealing Airplanes III

Chapter 54          On the Lam
Chapter 55          The Victory Gardens
Chapter 56          Looking at the Ground
Chapter 57          Spanish Language School
Chapter 58          The Finest Hour
Chapter 59          Cock Fight on San Miguel Creek
Chapter 60          Moving On